Mosi Premium Lager has passed the test of trends and time. The Zed beer has become synonymous with the thundering experience you get from the sights and sounds of Zambia. Mosi Lager, to date commands the taste buds of diverse people and cultures. Be it Independence Day, Africa Freedom Day or any ordinary day, Mosi stands proud and chilled to make every sip worth repeating.

Named after the Mosi-oa-Tunya, the smoke that thunders, a true Zambian icon, Mosi Premium Lager has low Bitter Units, a low ABV of 4% allowing the consumer to taste every specially selected ingredient while staying in control. With a fresh beer taste that matches it's name, Mosi has best in class rousing taste.

Our story

a celebrated brewing story

Only the finest of water, a special select of barley, malt, maize and hops make it to the brewing stage. With over 60 years of brewing mastery, MOSI beer goes through the hands of impeccable scrutiny, one that spares no err from start to finish. The subtle respite that flows into a beaming grin after every sip of MOSI premium lager is the inspiration behind hours of hard work.