1.1 Mosi Thunder Beats is a contest, whose purpose is to give upcoming Zambian musicians the chance to perform at the Mosi Day of Thunder Music festival in Livingstone, Zambia on the 20th of April, 2019.

1.2 This contest is for all Zambians (men and women), aged 18 - 34 years of age who are interested in performing at the Mosi Day of Thunder Music festival.

1.3 Mosi Thunder Beats aims to award the winning contestant, and to do so will have to go through all phases of this competition.

1.4 This contest is divided into the following phases:

1.1.4. Registration and submission of songs - 3 weeks – February 1 to February 22, 2019

1.1.4. Announcement of the top 12 finalists out of the total number of submitted songs – 1st March

1.1.5. Vote: 5 weeks – March 2 to April 4, 2019

1.1.6. Winner Announcement: April 6, 2019


2.1 The initiative is promoted by the Beer Brand Mosi Lager, produced and marketed by Zambian Breweries, Head Office, Plot 6438, Mungwi Road, Lusaka, and Every Moment Connection Ltd, a private company governed by the laws of the Republic of Zambia, situated at number 48 Muzovu Street, New Kabwata, Lusaka, Zambia.

2.2. The prizes referred to in Section 9 ("Prizes") shall be the exclusive responsibility of the Promoter of Mosi Thunder Beats.


3.1. The beneficiaries of Mosi Thunder Beats are all Zambians (men and women) residing in Zambian territory, from 18 to 34 years of age.

3.2. The Promoter of Mosi Thunder Beats shall not be liable for the costs incurred by them in travel and other expenses that may be required to participate in this initiative.

3.3. Mosi Thunder Beats workers, employees and / or members of the governing bodies of Zambian Breweries (ZB) or Every Moment Connections Ltd, or companies in a controlling or group relationship with the same, or employees of other entities that provide services to such companies or to the first-degree relatives of any of the persons covered by this clause.

3.4. The Mosi Thunder Beats does not have a limit of participants; however each participant is only allowed to submit one song.


4.1. The registration phase runs from February 1 to 22 February, 2019

4.2. The registration process will be done online through a microsite created for this purpose (www.mosilager.com) and the candidates must complete the registration form in order to participate. In this form they must fill in their personal data, namely:

● Full name,

● NRC Number

● E-mail,

● Date of birth,

● Gender

● Location - province

● Phone / mobile phone.

● Name of song

● Artistic name


4.3. To upload your song, the song must be in MP3 format and cannot weigh more than 10 MGB, if the beat is not in the correct format, the upload will not be valid.

After completing the form, the applicant must select the box "Accept terms and conditions and privacy policy".


5.1. The voting phase will be held between 2 March and 4 April 2019.

5.2. The registered songs will be evaluated by the judges, who will make a selection of those they consider the top 12 songs. These will be the songs that move on to the next stage.

5.3. The 12 songs selected will be published on the microsite so that all people can hear.

5.4. From there, phase 2 of the contest begins; with public voting. Participants will be given challenges and the public will have to vote for their favorite to go to the next round; from top 12, to top 9, to top 6 and top 3 where winner will be selected.

5.5. Voting will be done on the microsite (www.mosilager.com) by clicking on the vote button on the picture of their favorite contestant.


8.1. The Mosi Thunder Beats winner will be announced by 6th April, 2019.

8.2 For a song to stand a chance of being shortlisted, it has to be an original composition by the participant, a song that represents Zambia. It has to be a song that gives the feeling of dancing and our way. The song has to have a great quality, has to be modern and current. "

8.3. The judges will consist of Zambian top music stars Cleo Ice Queen, Mampi and Jay Rox. The decisions of the judges will be final and not subject to appeals.


9.1. The winner of this contest will be awarded with:

● Cash prize of K25,000

● Performance at the Mosi Day of Thunder Music Festival in Livingstone (All expenses paid VIP trip, including band support where applicable).

● Visibility in Mosi Thunder Beats' announcements: the name of the winner will be announced on TV, Social Media and Radio.

● Mosi Lager product throughout the year (12 month period – 2 Mosi Lager cases per month).

● The first runner up will receive a cash prize of K10,000 and branded merchandise.

  • The second runner up will receive a cash prize of K5,000 and branded merchandise.


10.1. All shortlisted Mosi Thunder Beats Participants are required to fully participate in activities to promote the show.


11.1. The Promoter reserves the right to exclude any Participant that defrauds, hinders, modifies or makes unusable the normal and regular functioning of Mosi Thunder Beats, or that it believes, with a reasonable degree of probability, to have breached this Regulation and / or any participant who places or may directly or indirectly question the good name or reputation of Zambian Breweries, its industrial property rights and / or its employees or employees and the Promoter’s discretion will prevail .

11.2. In any case, regardless of whether or not they have been excluded, Participants shall be solely responsible for all acts and omissions that are criminally punishable, contrary to law or that may cause harm or damage to third parties or violate their rights, industrial property, intellectual or otherwise during their participation in Thunder Beats.


Under no circumstances will Zambian Breweries or Every Moment Connections Ltd be responsible for the contents made available by the Participants in their profiles in social networks or by any other means, considering that they are the sole responsibility of the latter, namely, the damages caused to the image, reputation and good third party name:

Likewise, under no circumstances may trademarks, logos, drawings, photographs, music, videos or any other elements protected by industrial property rights or copyrights or related rights of third parties be used in content produced and / or disclosed by the participants, are the responsibility of Zambian Breweries or any of the organizers of Mosi Thunder Beats, who are not responsible for any infringements of intellectual and industrial property rights in which the participants may occur.


13.1 The Participants acknowledge that their participation in Mosi Thunder Beats will determine that all music created during the initiative, regardless of their form or support, including those in their profiles on social networks have a direct connection or indirectly with Mosi Thunder Beats and will be considered as works made at the request of Zambian Breweries or Every Moment Connections Ltd.

13.2 As a consequence of the preceding paragraph, without prejudice to the moral rights of the Participants, all rights of a charitable nature inherent to materials created during the course of Mosi Thunder Beats are the exclusive property of Zambian Breweries or its designee which have direct or indirect connection with it.

13.3 For the purposes of the previous paragraph, all uses that may be made in advertising campaigns or any other forms of promotion of Zambian Breweries / Mosi Thunder Beats shall be included in the normal use of the contents created by the Participants, so their use under no circumstances shall entitle them to a special remuneration.


14.1 The Participants expressly authorize their respective personal data (full name, date of birth, sex, full address, mobile phone number and e-mail address) to be processed by Zambian Breweries and Every Moment Connections Ltd, under the terms of the Privacy Policy of Mosi Thunder Beats.

14.2 The Participant shall accept the terms of the Privacy Policy available for consultation on the website www.mosilager.com fully applicable within the scope of Mosi Thunder Beats.

14.3 The Participants shall ensure that the personal data transmitted under Mosi Thunder Beats is true and accurate.

14.4 The responsible party for the processing of personal data collected is Zambian Breweries and Every Moment Connections Ltd. The collection and preservation of personal data by Zambian Breweries and Every Moment Connections Ltd is subject to the provisions of the law of protection of personal data and ensured with total confidentiality.

14.5 The personal data requested and provided during Mosi Thunder Beats contest may also be used in marketing actions promoted by Zambian Breweries, under the terms defined in the Privacy Policy.

14.6 Participants expressly consent to the use, publication, disclosure and reproduction of their name and image throughout the world and without limitation by Zambian Breweries and Every Moment Connections Ltd on the website and / or any publicity, promotion, publication and / or medium for promotional, commercial or informational purposes within the scope of Mosi Thunder Beats, and there is no payment of any kind of remuneration or compensation for that fact.

14.7 If you do not consent to the processing of personal data, the Participant will not be able to enter the Mosi Thunder Beats contest.


The Participants undertake to maintain the utmost confidentiality regarding all aspects related to Mosi Thunder Beats until they are publicly disclosed by the Promoter, in particular as regards the beginning of the campaign, its duration, content, objectives, means, results of the challenges before they start and all indications or information given by the production team of Mosi Thunder Beats, obliging to compensate the Promoter for the damages caused, resulting from the early disclosure of such information.


Zambian Breweries and Every Moment Connections reserve the right to make any changes to these terms and conditions, which they consider to be justified or necessary, and / or whenever they do not cause disproportionate discomfort to the Participants, assuming the obligation to inform the Participants of such changes, and the latter must accept them under penalty of exclusion from Mosi Thunder Beats.


All doubts about the interpretation and omissions in the Regulation regarding Mosi Thunder Beats will be analyzed and clarified by the Promoter Every Moment Connections Limited.